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Jhony-O – El Valor   Biography

Jhony-O – El Valor Biography

B i o g r a p h y

Jonathan Antonio Sint Jago artistically known as Jhony-O Tu Caballero was born in Barranquilla, Colombia,

Jhony-O Tu Caballero’s family migrated to the beautiful island of Bonaire Nederland’s Antilles while he was a child. He was raised in a musical home. Both of his parents supported his musical interest at an early age.  Jhony-O grew up using kitchen and household items as instruments. He was raised in a culturally diverse home and is fluent in four languages: Dutch, Spanish and Papimento and English.

Jhony-O is a romantic and passionate person who likes to write poems and songs. His lyrics are representative of his life and his emotions which is clearly conveyed in his lyrics. At the age of 10 years old he joined a Christian Band in Bonaire where he learned and mastered playing drums.  As a teenager he joined a local famous band called Happy Band.  He was eager to learn from the older musicians and made it his business to learn how to play all the following instruments: the keyboard, timbale, conga and bass.


After he learned how to play all the various instruments he was able to play all the different types of music such as merengue, salsa, Baladas, Bachata, and Kizomba formely known as Zouk.  Kizomba or zouk is the typical national music for Bonaire. While playing with Happy Band he developed a great musical talent. This experience allowed him to travel throughout all the Nederland Antilles, Bonaire Curacao and Aruba. One day he decided to sing just for fun and was told that he had a nice voice. He never expected to have a nice voice because he never had the urge to sing all he could think of was playing instruments. Jhony-O worked on the tone and pitch of his voice until he mastered his preferred rhythm which was Zouk. This Caribbean rhythm gave him the opportunity to travel even more and became one of the pioneers of Zouk music.


Once he started going on tours in the Nederland’s Antilles and Europe he made enough money to put together a recording studio. At his recording studio he began to record all his music. Jhony-O  is multi-talented because he writes his own lyrics does his own beats and now is translating his music to a Spanish and English audience, Jhony-O has an easy going personality that transcribes in the various talent he has. Another interest he has is photography and film. Most of his pictures are edited by him and all his videos are done by him too. He can do it all and thus be called a multi-talented artist. He believes in creating music with real instruments and sharing his talent with others in the community.


Shortly after arriving to NYC he learned quickly that everyone in the city wants to be an artist therefore competition is on.  But he also noticed that networking is the way to go. He decided to go and visit most bars and lounges in his neighborhood of Corona in Queens New York and market himself. His network includes to a lot of people in the music and film industry.  He made a name for himself with his first Spanish song ever “Cuando La Vi”.  This song opened up doors for him. At this point he realized that he needed help and obtaining help was a priority.  Once he got under the wing of  a publicist everything fell into place. Performances have been booked since he obtained the services of publicist Diurka Diaz. Jhony-O is currently working on his latest Spanish English and Papiamento single ” El Valor” recorded at Gil Garcia studio and masterized at Fullersound Inc.

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